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You can't always change the world around you, but you can develop the internal strength to face and overcome what's holding you back. 

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Lindsay Callahan, LMFT 
Owner of Spring Rainbow Counseling

As a fellow therapist, I am honored to call Rob Carlson my colleague and mentor. I have had the privelege to work directly with Rob, where I observeded his passion for his clients and love for learning innovative ways to provide excellent care first hand. I cannot think of another therapist I hold in higher regard than Rob Carlson.

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Kara Zimmerman, LMFT, LPC
*Rated one of the top 3 marriage counselors in Colorado Springs 

Rob Carlson of Intermountain Counseling is at the top of my referral list! I had the honor of providing clinical supervision to Rob and during that time I got to know, respect and trust him through seeing his humility, work ethic, desire to grow and learn, and passion for serving his clients well. I highly recommend Rob as a therapist for adults and adolescents and believe that his gentleness, wisdom, creativity, and integrity will be a blessing and help to many in our community.

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Etta Bauck, Director of Prefield Training
OC International

Our organization invited Rob to teach a session on Managing Stress at a recent training for our workers. We were not disappointed! His presentation was well prepared, thoughtful, interactive, and creative, and he achieved a good balance between scientific background and practical tips. His humor provided appropriate smiles at the right moments. I would happily recommend Rob for teaching seminars! We're already looking forward to having him back next year.