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I’m Heather Kohlhase. My heart is for people of all ages who are struggling, for couples who are wondering what happened to the relationship they dreamed of, for loving parents who are feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next, and for families who just want to end the drama and reconnect again or find their way back from grief and loss.

I love meeting people where they’re at and helping them find their way forward. 

As a former teacher, I have always loved working with children. I use art and play as mediums in therapy through which I help children find ways to process their feelings and begin to build a sense of emotional strength and resiliency. I also love helping people work on their relationships – that is my specialty!  Relationships can be so hard! Know you do not have to go through this alone! Adding communication tools and new ways of understanding and relating to each other can often turn things around and help you find your way back to the relationship you are really wanting.

I would love to be a part of your journey as we find a new path for you to experience joy in your relationship again.

I know what it is to wrestle with depression, anxiety, perfectionism, self-criticism and especially grief and loss. But I also know that there is a way forward through this, and through the relational struggles with your child or your partner. You have what it takes to get there! Let’s find that untapped strength inside you that can move you and your relationship forward.

I would be honored to walk this journey with you and help you find your better relationship and better tomorrow! It is waiting for you.
Parenting Coaching and Child Therapy

You may be in a place where every day feels like an uphill battle, and it feels like peace and joy have exited right out the front door. Sometimes even the most resourceful, loving, capable parent just feels overwhelmed, frustrated, and out of ideas, resources, and energy. Children often do not have the emotional vocabulary or maturity to express their needs through words. Their feelings come out as actions: actions that may make people stare, elicit comments that hurt and possibly school contact that adds to the stress. It has become too much! But this situation can change. You do not have to walk through this alone.

Let’s add to your toolbox and work on building the relationship with your child or children that you really want.

As parents gain support, resources, new techniques and new approaches, children often begin to change, blossom and flourish. This is something the whole family can feel, and joy and peace can walk right back into the home again. Allow me to come alongside you on this journey. We’ll work on rebuilding your relationship and understanding your child better.

I'll equip you with tools and techniques that better address your child’s needs and make parenting more effective and fulfilling. 

As a mom of teenagers, and as a former elementary teacher, I have a passion for children and for families. I care about and understand struggles parents are facing every day, and issues children are dealing with as well. My ideal clients are children and their loving but overwhelmed parents or caregivers, trying their best to nurture and care for children dealing with the impact of change, anxiety, depression, trauma, or loss.  I am specifically trained in Nurturing Parenting, and I come alongside parents and caregivers to help them find their way to the relationships with their children they really want. I am also trained in various types of play therapy and have a Post-Graduate Certificate in Counseling Children and Adolescents.

I help children recover and build emotional strength and resilience through their own language – play!

I help your child learn to manage their feelings, expand their self-confidence and sense of empowerment, and grow in self-compassion. Play therapy is an amazing path to healing and emotional health for children.

There is nothing more amazing and satisfying to me than seeing a child or a family completely transformed by this powerful form of therapy.

I know what it is like to parent children who are unique, strong-willed, and can draw stares in the grocery store. Let’s face it the task can be hard. But you have what this takes! I can help. Let me help you find joy and delight in your child again and help you and your family find peace again.

Let me teach you how to strengthen those parenting muscles and equip you for the complex but wonderful role of parenting.

I love to help couples and families who are struggling, wondering what has happened to their dream of what their relationship would be like.

This is not how it was supposed to be. It's really tough when being together is lonelier than being alone, and sharp words and arguments seem like a daily routine. This is when everything you know to do doesn't seem to be working. It's overwhelming, and you’re not sure what to do next. Sometimes so much hurt, pain and miscommunication has happened, you wonder where things can go from here. It feels like the battle for your relationship is being lost, and you’re feeling exhausted and stuck.

You don't have to walk this journey alone.
I would be honored to help you find joy again. Are you ready to rediscover the love buried beneath these hard times? You have the power to work together and build the relationship you want. I will teach you how. 
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I love helping people learn new ways of relating, new ways of living, and new ways of loving. Let’s work together to equip you and your partner or family members with new understandings and new ways of seeing each other, new communication skills and new ways of relating to each other. Let’s add new relational tools in your toolbox, help you facilitate healing of past hurts, and build the relationship of your dreams. Yes, it can be completely different!

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I enjoy being outdoors, watching wildlife, painting, theater, hiking the mountains, and walking the beach. I have fun decorating for holidays and hosting parties, and I dream of someday writing a novel, acting in a play, and kayaking New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

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Above the Clouds

Amanda Crum, MFTC

I have both worked with and observed Heather while we were interns at TESSA. Heather and I have worked together as co-therapist, working with a family. Working with Heather I was able to understand and observe her vast knowledge of play therapy. Both working with Heather and observing Heather in a therapeutic setting, I was able to observe Heather’s ability to connect with her clients, build trust with each member (adults and children), listen to what the family wanted to work towards and witness successful progress with her clients. I would recommend Heather to clients who are looking for a therapist that takes the time to hear them, to understand them, and to work with them to achieve their goals.

Above the Clouds

Patti Diffee. LMFT

I had the pleasure of providing supervision to Heather during her training as a student-therapist. Heather brings curiosity, empathy and compassion into her work with clients struggling with extremely difficult life circumstances. Heather is a dedicated professional whose first priority is to offer the best care to her clients.