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Does reaching out for counseling feel intimidating?


Do you wonder if you really need it, or if you can achieve your goals on your own?

We respect wherever you're coming from, so we keep things easy. 
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Steps to Start Counseling

  1. Tap on the schedule button. Let us know what you're looking for out of counseling for yourself or your child.

  2. We'll reach out to you to set up a free consultation.

  3. After your consultation, if you decide to move forward with Intermountain Counseling, we'll send you an email link so you can easily complete and electronically sign your paperwork.

  4. The first two sessions are focused on hearing your story. We want to understand you so we can create a plan that will be effective in bringing peace to your life; we work with you to make sure we're moving in the right direction.

  5. We meet weekly or biweekly to achieve the change you need.

  6. When you've achieved your goals in therapy, we terminate counseling over the last two sessions.

  7. If you need to follow up later, we'll be here for you.

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